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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Beyond Therapy at the Town Hall

I arrived at the Town Hall in South Melbourne last night and was treated a sensational rib-eye, a fantastic bottle of wine and the God-awful sounds of Karaoke from the back room!!! The proponent of said Karaoke was later heard to ask-

"Hey can I sing with the band? I'm really good!"
Hmm honey I really don't think so!
The sad thing about Karaoke (combined with alcohol) is that it makes people who shouldn't sing - think they can!

As usual, BT provided a great Friday night relaxo-combination of favourites in a semi-acoustic style. The punters were all chilled and not only by the temperature outside. It was bloody freezing out there - but the pub was inviting, the red wine warming and the according to 'cousin jimmy self-professed-rock-god' the girls at the front table were 'hot'!

Aaah it's nice to be appreciated.

The night was topped off by a neighbour who, (after choosing to reside in a commercial zone) came to complain about the 'noise'. There's something inherently wrong with 30-something men who wear shorts and thongs in the middle of the Melbourne winter and who would rather hear the sounds of the telly on a Friday night than music - I say get a life Mr South Melbourne! How dare he come into the pub and talk SO LOUDLY that I couldn't hear the band over the top of him! Rude! Very rude!

The Town Hall pub is a great little pub that I had never had the pleasure of being in before - superb wine list - mental note - must go back there for lunch sometime - it's just a stone throw from the office and if I park my car at work and walk - no need to worry about trying to find a car space that has longer than 2 hours nearby! (It's mostly one or two hour and permit parking around South Melb.)


Anonymous Bill said...

Glad you had a great night, we should be back at the town hall hotel real soon.

4:09 pm AEST  
Anonymous TJ said...

Well spot on Tannia the girls on the front table were indeed hot, hot I tell ya, seriously you're all lovely, Thank you for taking photo's, the past and present support and the kind words on your site.

Hopefully we'll see you at the next one where the party continues take care for now


1:49 am AEST  

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